ICD Best Post Graduate Student Award in Dentistry

The award is instituted by the Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry(IAPHD)

Award winners 2017 are :
ICD Best Post Graduate Student Award

Dr. Neha Agarwal

( Donor : The Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry)

Award winners 2015 are :
Dr. Rahul Dhami , Seema Dental College, Rishikesh
Dr. Tasneem S. Ain, Kotiwal Dental College, Moradabad

The prize is awarded to a Post graduate student in Dentistry (any speciality) with outstanding academic achievement.


  1. Candidates who have passed in the last University examinations can only apply. (Only regular & not supplementary)
  2. Must have passed all components in the first attempt.
  3. Must have the highest score in the concerned University (Only theory), amongst all the specialities.
    ( A certificate towards the above must be submitted by the competent authority.)


  1. Marks

    Only theory in percentage. ( all four papers together)
    60+ = 05 Points
    70+ = 10 Points
    80+ = 15 Points
    90+ = 20 Points

  2. Publications

    Per paper = 1 (Max=5)

  3. Paper presentations

    Per presentation
    National = 1
    Add 1 point for each prize won. (Max=5)

  4. Research

    Per project Completed & approved project by a National Scientific body like ICMR/CSIR etc only = 1 (Max=5)

The total of all the points(35) to be taken. In case of tie, the highest theory aggregate will be the decider.

All the entries be sent to the ICD Section VI office before September 15.